Steep Nightshade

Steep Nightshade is a prophetic plant. Inhaling the smoke, chewing the leaves, or using it as ink in magical tattoos are all ways to gain the benefits from the plant.

There is a set of symbols linked with the plant, the Nightshade Tarot. These can be used in tattoos: each symbol will inspire a tendency to prophecies on a set subject.

The plant is a low-growing dark purple belladonna. It can be a small forb or a small vining plant.

A certain race of giants, the Nightshade Giants, have become mildly psychic through long exposure to
this plant.

The plant is quite rare above the surface, but a deposit was found under the goblin encampment in the Swampforce Swamp, guarded by a Nightshade Giant who demands magical assistance to problems he expects to meet in the future.

Technical details

The plant works by activating access to the Astral Plane – but rather than pinging deities there for advice, like many lesser prophetic drugs, it instead empowers an ability to see in higher dimensions – cutting along the spiral nature of Time so the user can view what happened in previous cycles and therefore obtain a prediction of what will happen in the future.

Steep Nightshade

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